Gunship begins as a story about doing the right thing. Adam Michaels has deep ties with the wrong kind of people. He'll soon be forced to choose between staying loyal to them, or making a run for it with the woman he loves and a crew he trusts. This is an epic space opera that breaks the traditional mold. Vampires, saloons, pirates, whiskey, revolvers and interstellar war are just the beginning. 


All 6 books of the original Gunship adventure are now available

As an extention of the Gunship adventure, The Fleet spawned a #1 bestseller in 2015. Following the last 2 members of the Gunship crew, Adam searches for his son while Dalton James assumes control of humanity's last fleet. With zombies overrunning them and a mysterious race entering the picture, Dalton's will to survive is put to the test.


All 7 books of The Fleet are now available

Nearly a century has passed since Dalton James' heroic death. The Skyla System is no more and two large armies now fight for the right to shape the future of humanity. The Lords are comprised of humans, husk and advanced robotic soldiers. Meanwhile, the Butchers are formed by humans, vampires and their newest allies - wolven. No planet is off-limits and all hell is about to break loose.


Work is officialy underway on Lords and Butchers.