Opdyke: Witnesses say the escape was "unprevoked". According to inspectors, the working conditions were some of the Verse's "best". Several workers are still unaccounted for, including their ringleader (pictured above). While feared dead in the elements, an extensive search is still underway by a handful of gifted soldiers.


Does she look familiar? Dial 7-37-star-8457 planet code 897

Opdyke Camp:

Escapees sought in Opdyke Work Camp break. Several Continuum officials reported dead.


Detron Lions: The once proud settlement moon of Detron may be in shambles, but the Lions have won their 3rd consecutive Verse Ball Championship.


Gold Burger stocks continue to bottom out as the health food craze spreads across most of the civilized verse. "We are not the enemy," Gold Burger's Chairman, Ed Flesher said in a prepared statement. "Portions are key."




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Frozen Dreams


Fear The Gifted

Sports: (Verse Ball) Detron 51 - Gaffney 36    (Smash Hockey)  Rico Settlement 3 - Falls Gate 2